I’m Never Drinking Again: How to Stop Drinking So Much and Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

Dominic McGregor

Publisher: Capstone Released: 23.05.2024

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After co-founding the marketing agency Social Chain with friend and fellow university drop out Steven Bartlett, and growing it to a US$300 million turnover business with 750 staff in offices around the world, Dom was flying high as one of the UK’s most exciting and in-demand entrepreneurs. But behind the scenes, he was battling alcohol addiction and sabotaging everything in his life – from relationships, health, finances, and ultimately his career.

Sharing the lessons he’s learnt seven years on from his last drink, the book recalls the highs and lows of his journey to sobriety and what advice he’d give to anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol. It also interrogates how ingrained drinking is in our society – and what we can do to change this for the better. From tackling stereotypes around sobriety being boring to examining how peer pressure and party culture has normalised unhealthy behaviours, I’m Never Drinking Again questions how we’ve got to this point and what we can do to rectify it.


Breakthrough: A Story of Hope, Resilience and Mental Health Recovery

Dr Ahmed Hankir

Publisher: Capstone Released: 18.04.2024

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In Breakthrough: A Story of Hope, Resilience and Mental Health Recovery, Dr. Ahmed Hankir delivers a unique and powerful insight into mental health recovery by tracing his own personal journey from impoverished and shunned psychiatric patient to award-winning consultant psychiatrist.

With extraordinary candour, Ahmed reveals the obstacles that nearly shattered his dreams of being a doctor – from the financial pressures to the discrimination he faced at the hands of his peers and educators – and the bullying, racism, and harassment he experienced throughout medical school, post-graduate specialisation and whilst working in the NHS.

The book also recalls his journey to recover from episodes of severe psychological distress and suicidal thoughts whilst at university, and how these experiences have shaped his career focus in psychiatry and suicide prevention. From experiencing a breakdown/breakthrough at medical school to winning the World Health Organisation’s Director General Award for Global Health in honour of his work campaigning for mental health destigmatisation and humanization of persons living with a mental health condition, Dr Hankir’s story of recovery is an inspirational tale of resilience and hope amidst adversity and disadvantage.

Ahmed is a well-known mental health advocate who uses his lived experiences to educate, support and dignify others, with over 100k followers on both Twitter/X and Tik Tok. As a proud British Muslim, he is also an expert on challenging Islamophobia and mental health related stigma in the Muslim community.

Advanced praise for the book

"An honest, engaging and most of all, hopeful book." Adam Kay, BAFTA-winning, multi-million-bestselling author, TV writer and performer.

"Warm, funny and devastatingly honest. An incredibly insightful story full of hope and resilience." Dr Amir Khan, Sunday Times Bestselling Author and Resident Doctor for ITV's Lorraine and Good Morning Britain

"Breakthrough is a toolkit for turning hopelessness into success, sadness into deep joy and stigmatization into fuel for positively transforming others' lives. Please, please, please read this inspirational book - it will change your life." Professor Ged Byrne MBE, Consultant Surgeon and Director of Global Health, NHS England

Breakthrough: A Story of Hope, Resilience and Mental Health Recovery by Dr Ahmed Hankir is published on 18 April, priced at £14.99.


Be The Change: A Healing and Empowering Handbook for Women

Jennifer Soran Boon

Released: 05.04.2024

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In her new book Be The Change: A Healing and Empowering Handbook for Women, Inner Wisdom Coach, Jennifer Soran Boon, says many women are caught up in the hum drum of their busyness, work and lives with no space or time to look within, to hear what their inner voice is guiding them towards.

In Be the Change Jennifer offers compassionate support and guidance to help bring readers back to their own soul voice and ignite female change agents to create the ripples of change for a brighter future for all.


The Art of Being Brilliant

Andy Cope

Publisher: Capstone Released: 25.04.2024

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In a world where there's a lot of talk about ‘living your best life’ and being your ‘best self’, The Art of Being Brilliant actually shows you how. From an author who is an expert in the science of happiness and positive psychology, this book is fun, non-patronising, and grounded in proven principles and practices. Since the publication of the first edition, this book has filled readers to the brim with happiness, positivity, wellbeing and, most importantly, success! This new edition has been updated to address modern issues such as screen time, social media, anxiety, resilience and relationships.

Dr Andy Cope brings the knowhow, his writing partner Andy Whittaker provides the humour, and award-winning illustrator Amy Bradley brings this new edition to life. This book is crammed full of good advice, instructive case studies, inspiring quotes, and important questions to make you think about your work, relationships, and life. It shows you that success and happiness aren't about dramatic change―they're about finding out what really works for you and doing more of it!

  • Gain inspiration through rich illustrations, inspiring quotes, and a truly fun read
  • Rock up in life as your best self
  • Learn to foster positivity and bring about success in every aspect of your life
  • Find out how academic knowledge from psychology and beyond can propel you forward

The Art of Being Brilliant
is THE go-to book to help you feel brilliant.


No Silver Bullet: Bursting the bubble of the organisational quick fix

Steve Hearsum

Released: 29.03.2024

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Organisations and those that lead them face many challenges. The more complex they are, the greater the need to find someone – anyone – who can offer a solution, and preferably a guaranteed, quick one. This is the myth of fixability, the idea that there can be a Silver Bullet for complex problems. The market for them is underpinned by a mixture of shame and anxiety, and a resultant collusion between the buyers and sellers of quick fixes.

In No Silver Bullet, Steve Hearsum lays out the false hopes of Silver Bullets, the psychological reasons why they exist and persist and their sources (poor business education, the thought leadership industry, the veneration of methodologies, and clever packaging of ideas to name a few). He explores why both leaders and those that sell them solutions are drawn to the idea of Silver Bullets and why they often fall short over time.

Without offering Silver Bullets of his own, Steve explains how buyers and sellers are engaged in a futile dance and offers some practical suggestions on how better to respond. For those that buy (leaders, managers, executive teams) and those that sell to them (consultants, solution providers, business schools, thought leaders and gurus), this book is a timely provocation in an age where binary either/or thinking is the order of the day, and nuance is eschewed in favour of certainty, when the challenges we face require a more thoughtful and integrative approach.


Our Planet Powered by AI

Mark Minevich

Publisher: Wiley Released: 24.10.2023

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Exhilarating advancements in AI are transforming every aspect of human life at supersonic speed. The world is shifting dramatically to a place where digital companies and digital enterprises have incredible amounts of power. In these extraordinary times, we must ensure these pioneering technologies—and the companies behind them—enhance human life, not overtake it.

In Our Planet Powered By AI, world-renowned AI strategist Mark Minevich reveals how leaders can harness the power of AI to hyper-enhance their businesses while creating positive societal impact.

The book shares thought-provoking analysis, fascinating real-world insights, and emerging trends from world-leading companies and experts. Packed with practical advice and guidance, it sets out how businesses—from tech giants to SMEs—can take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities offered by new technologies.

To ensure AI capabilities are harnessed ethically, we must develop them with transparency, fairness, reliability, privacy, and safety. Minevich explores how a company’s leadership and culture are fundamental to sustainable, human-centric AI-fuelled transformation.

Our Planet Powered By AI is an inspiring, highly practical roadmap to a better future, enabling businesses to implement groundbreaking artificial intelligence technologies to transform their businesses and the planet.


The Glass Cliff

Sophie Williams

Publisher: Macmillan Business Released: 07.03.2024

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Inspired by author Sophie Williams’ viral TED talk on the same subject, this book is the first commercial exploration of the social phenomenon known as the Glass Cliff – a shocking pattern of hidden bias against women in the workplace.

Based on nearly two decades of global research, the Glass Cliff is a proven phenomenon where women are frequently appointed to leadership positions in struggling businesses, restricting their chances of success from the outset.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Not all is lost. By understanding the Glass Cliff, and by telling one another about it, we can affect the conversation, we can empower one another to overcome societal bias and, ultimately, we can change the world


Lucky Girl: Unveiling the Secrets of Manifesting a Lucky Life

Georgie May

Released: 29.02.2024

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From four leaf clovers to a rabbit’s foot, we’re all obsessed with finding a lucky streak in life. But whilst some of us appear to have better fortunes than others, new book Lucky Girl: Unveiling the Secrets of Manifesting a Lucky Life reveals how to have destiny on your side every day.

Drawing on author Georgie May’s experience in social media marketing and wellness, this book analyses the impact and origins of the global Lucky Girl trend. It explains the science and statistics behind the social media hashtag and how its evolved from the earlier iterations of spiritual beliefs like the Law of Attraction and Assumption, as well as addressing the criticisms of the modern definition of luck through discussions on privilege, toxic positivity, and personal effort.

It also explains how prosperous people succeed, not through chance, but through determination, perseverance, and informed decision-making – and how you can introduce these teachings into your life to manifest your dreams with:

  • Techniques to help you identify why your luck seems so bad and how you can take action to create a winning mindset,
  • Practical methods to help you manifest good luck based on contemporary research and case studies,
  • And a structured goal-setting approach to help you dissect big dreams into manageable chunks and set clear, Lucky Girl Goals that stick.

With Lucky Girl as your trusted companion, you will discover the secrets to manifesting dreams and why you hold all the cards to a luckier life.


Choosing to Float

Clare Campbell-Cooper

Released: 01/03/2024

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In Choosing to Float, Clare tells the incredibly moving story of a young family learning to cope with a brain tumour diagnosis. With raw honesty, she shares the journey that followed – from the challenge of adjusting to motherhood as her husband underwent brain surgery and the fear that her newborn son would never know his father, to transitioning from a wife to a carer and grieving the man she loved, as the tumour changed him before her eyes.

David defied the odds. He died during covid, just before his fortieth birthday. He had 12 years with his son. With compassion and humour, Clare shares the story of the end of David’s life – from the agonising worry of not being permitted to be with David in hospital during Covid to the beautiful small moments they shared together at home in Devon in his final months.

A story of courage, love and resilience, anger, grief and hope, Choosing to Float is an incredibly powerful portrayal of life with a terminal illness. The book explores how it shapes you as a family, changes you as a person and teaches you to let the small stuff go, find joy in the moment and keep hope through trauma.


Coach Yourself Confident: Ditch the self-doubt tax and unlock humble confidence

Julie Smith

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing Released: 20.02.2024

So many of us grapple with self-doubt. Perhaps you’re an exhausted achiever? You’re delivering results and progressing in your career, but you feel utterly worn out. You’re compensating for a lack of confidence with excessive effort and punishingly high standards.
Or perhaps you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled? Self-doubt is making you hold yourself back, you're avoiding challenges that could demonstrate how good you really are.
This book can help. Distilling over a decade of real-life research into clear insights, practical tools and impactful activities, Julie Smith shows you how to Coach Yourself Confident.


The 9 Types of Difficult People: How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships

Nick Robinson

Publisher: Pearson Released: 17/10/2023

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In his new book The 9 Types of Difficult People, top executive coach Nick Robinson reveals how to spot tricky colleagues at work and shares brilliant practical tips, techniques and advice on how to lead, work alongside and work for each type.

Exploring how to shift your mindset to improve working relationships, the book also examines the key factors that lead to someone becoming difficult and how businesses can take an empathetic and pragmatic approach to resolve issues.


The Complete Air Fryer: 140 super-easy, everyday recipes and techniques

Sam & Dom Milner

Publisher: White Lion Publishing Released: 21.09.2023

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Sam & Dom Milner are THE air fryer experts having used an air fryer for nearly 12 years. The Complete Air Fryer is a comprehensive go-to resource, with something for every day, every meal and every taste.

Whether you are a busy parent, a budget-conscious student, a health-focused home cook or cooking for one, an air fryer is the perfect choice for your kitchen – it’s energy efficient, uses minimal fat and creates crispy, flavourful food, often in half the time of a traditional oven. The Complete Air Fryer delivers all the recipes and know-how you need to make the most of this game-changing appliance.


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