Breathing for Pregnancy: How to find calm through the four trimesters

Carolyn Cowan

Publisher: Ebury Released: 16.11.2023

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The journey to becoming a parent can be a landscape of joy and apprehension, of doubt and anxiety, of love and overwhelm.

Carolyn Cowan is a highly regarded psychotherapist in the field of breathwork, and has a particular passion for helping women face difficult challenges.

In this gentle and supportive guide, Breathing for Pregnancy uncovers the amazing hidden power of the breath and will teach you how to:

- Ease symptoms of worry and anxiety during pregnancy and labour

- Use breathing to manage your stress response and recover from symptoms such as morning sickness

- Learn specific stretches to release the stress system during pregnancy and after birth

- Create your own breathwork practice

Carolyn Cowan's unique and empathetic practice will allow you to unlock a new understanding of yourself and feel relaxed and comfortable during pregnancy.


Valued at Work: Shining a light on bias to engage, enable, and retain women in STEM

Lauren Neal

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing Released: 10.10.2023

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Women navigating a traditionally male-dominated technical sector too frequently feel invisible, frustrated, and undervalued in the workplace. Lauren Neal has been there, and she’s developed tried-and-tested approaches that male-dominated organisations can take to motivate and retain women. Because only a truly empowered, diverse workforce can drive the best business outcomes and innovations.

Inspired by real-life stories, Valued at Work gives you the tools to take control and drive real change without alienating any of the workforce!

Lauren Neal is an award-winning chartered engineer and chartered project professional in the energy industry. Having worked with men and women offshore, onshore and onsite on multimillion-dollar projects across the globe since 2005, she is a sought-after speaker and writer championing gender equity within STEM.


Leading Edge: Strategies for developing and sustaining high-performing teams

Alison Grieve & Jenni Miller

Publisher: Practical Inspirations Publishing ISBN: 9781788604604 Released: 19.09.2023

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Of course your team is good. It’s made up of good people. But imagine if it was GREAT… imagine if it had the EDGE…In a world of ambiguity and constant change, teams are the critical glue for solving complex problems, delivering in challenging environments and supporting each other to grow, develop and be engaged. Drawing from extensive research working across hundreds of teams, Alison Grieve and Jenni Miller have developed an integrated and full-team approach that allows any team to achieve high performance and sustain it. In this highly practical book, they translate their authoritative research and theory into five key Edge Dynamics, together with clear steps and tools that can be applied immediately. Take your team to the edge of higher performance, deeper engagement and greater wellbeing and beyond.


The Knight-Waite Tarot Guidebook: Meanings & Readings

Michele Knight-Waite

Publisher: John Murray ISBN: 9781399807333 Released: 26.10.2023

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Some people can pick up a Tarot deck and instantly read like a pro. Others take longer to develop an affinity with the cards. The truth is, there's no right or wrong way to read them. And although none of the cards have set meanings, there are plenty of ways to peel back the layers and decide how each relates to your life.

The Knight-Waite Tarot Guidebook features all the beautiful illustrations and artwork from the Knight-Waite Tarot Deck and includes 'traditional' interpretations of every card in the deck, sample spreads showing different ways to conduct a reading, and write-in sections for recording your interpretations.

Tarot uses a symbolic language that tugs at your unconscious, dragging to the surface both treasure and truths. Using this guide alongside your Tarot will help you tune in to the story the cards are telling you, enjoying guidance, wisdom and answers, right when you need it. It will open the door to your higher intuition and reveal astonishing truths about yourself and your life.


The Answer is a Question: The Easy Way to Transform Your Impact as a Leader

Dominic & Laura Ashley-Timms

Publisher: The Stationary Office ISBN: 978-0117093911 Released: 13.10.2022

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Ground-breaking new book, The Answer Is A Question, reveals how managers all over the world can ditch the command-and-control leadership model and adopt an enquiry-led approach that cultivates a new wave of engaged, problem-solving employees – and it starts with how we use questions in a more purposeful way.


Debunking ‘The Failure Myth’: How We Learn More From Success Than Failure

Rob Hatch

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing Released: 05/12/2023

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From Bill Gates to Henry Ford, many of the world’s most successful people tell us learning from failure is key to success. A ‘fail fast’ culture has been cultivated everywhere from Amazon to Netflix and their successes have been attributed to it. But do we have it all wrong?

New research suggests we learn more from success than failure. It turns out we’re pretty rubbish at learning from failure. Even when our mistakes are pointed out to us, we tend to repeat them over and over and focussing on them damages our self-esteem.

In Success Frames, top business coach Rob Hatch sets out a game-changing new approach, revealing the power of learning from your successes and how to develop a personal framework for success. Based on decades of research in human development and coaching top entrepreneurs and executives, the book debunks ‘The Failure Myth’ and reveals how to harness the power of your past successes to achieve your goals.


The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking: Leading Your Organization Into the Future

Michael D. Watkins

Released: 15.01.24

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Businesses face unprecedented challenges with technology, supply chain issues, economic uncertainty, and political instability. To avoid being overwhelmed by the chaos and outmanoeuvred by their competitors, leaders must learn how to turn disruption into opportunity and instil strategic thinking into their teams, cultures, and management styles.

Every leader can learn to be a stronger strategic thinker. From mental agility and pattern recognition to visioning and political savvy, this book digs deep into the six disciplines of strategic thinking that separate good and great leaders, and offers the tools required to build this skill into a competitive edge in a VUCA environment.

A comprehensive, practical, and actionable guide to strategic thinking, this essential new book offers a wealth of insights and tools for leaders at all levels to help them win the game of business – strategically.


What is a Social Impact?

Ildiko Almasi Simsic

Publisher: Self Published Released: 11/11/2023

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Pioneering new book, What Is A Social Impact? is the ultimate guide to truly achieving social sustainability. It provides clarity on what it really means to be socially impactful, and analyses the key social impact tools available for individuals and organisations alike to drive positive change.

From ESG to social impact assessment, Corporate Social Responsibility to impact investing, philanthropy and social enterprise, this book breaks down the uses and limitations of each ‘social impact product’ in order to make social sustainability a successful reality.

Author Ildiko Almasi Simsic is a social development specialist with 15 years’ experience as a social performance practitioner. She works with the world’s largest development finance institutions on diverse projects from labour and supply chain management to involuntary resettlement, livelihood restoration to environmental and social management system assessment.

Drawing on real-world examples and compelling case studies of social development, Ildiko comprehensively assesses our common understanding of social impacts and provides a clear blueprint for overcoming the limitations of social impact products, in order to achieve a more sustainable and socially conscious future.


Periods Aren’t Meant To Bloody Hurt: A Holistic & Pain-changing Guide to Your Menstrual Health

Gemma Barry

Publisher: Trigger Publishing Released: 14.11.2023

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Mixing both traditional and holistic approaches, Periods Aren’t Meant To Bloody Hurt provides an empowering toolkit to help put you in control of your menstrual health. From exploring the root cause of your period pain, PMS and other common symptoms to how lifestyle factors like stress and nutrition can feed into your hormonal health, via a discussion on synthetic hormones, period stigmas and barriers to medical support, this book addresses the gap in women’s health information and guides you through the options available to improve your menstrual wellbeing.

Gemma also provides an expert guide on symptoms to watch out for and specific menstrual conditions, including PMDD, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids and more, with tips on how to advocate for yourself when seeking medical support for these issues – drawing on her personal experience being diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Author Gemma Barry is a holistic menstrual health coach, stand-up comedian, and writer. She spent 15 years as an NHS nurse specialising in pregnancy and birth before pivoting her career and retraining in holistic healthcare. She founded The Well Woman Project and merges the best bits from her medical knowledge and experience as an herbalist, abdominal massage therapist and mindfulness teacher to empower and educate clients on the health options available to suit their hormonal and menstrual needs. Based in London, Periods Aren’t Meant To Bloody Hurt is her first book.


All My Wild Mothers

Victoria Bennett

Publisher: John Murray Press ISBN: 9781529398618 Released: 02.02.2023

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Weaving of memoir and herbal folklore, All My Wild Mothers is a story of motherhood, grief and the transformation that can happen when we reconnect with the wild beneath our feet. In a time of uncertainty, it has something to teach us about resilience, love, and the power of joyful resistance.

At seven months pregnant, Victoria Bennett learns that her sister has died in a canoeing accident. In that moment, her life changes.

Five years later, and struggling with the demands of motherhood, grief and full-time care, Victoria and her family move to a new social housing estate in rural Cumbria. Here, in the rubble of a former industrial site, she and her young son begin to grow a wild apothecary garden: daisy, for resilience; dandelion, for strength against adversity; sow thistle, to lift melancholy; and borage, to bring hope in dark and difficult times.

Stone by stone, seed by seed, they discover that sometimes life grows, not in spite of what is broken, but because of it. All My Wild Mothers is an intimate memoir of motherhood, a handbook on survival and a testimony to radical hope.


How to Build Winning Teams Again and Again

James Scouller

Publisher: Hawkhurst Publishing Released: 11/01/2024

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Drawing upon thirty-five years of experience in team development, James Scouller, author of new book series HOW TO BUILD WINNING TEAMS AGAIN AND AGAIN offers breakthrough answers on team success. Using easy-to read, concise language, he sets out the psychological keys, action principals and road map to building outstanding teams.

This unique book series is broken into three practical handbooks:

• Book One explains what you need to KNOW about teams.

• Book Two explains what you need to DO in building and sustaining teams.

• Book Three explains HOW to do it by guiding readers on the best sequence of actions


The Leader’s Guide to Wellbeing: How to use soft skills to get hard results

Dr Audrey Tang

Publisher: Pearson

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Dr Audrey Tang offers a step change in how leaders and organisations should approach wellbeing in their organisations. She recommends techniques and strategies to banish burnout and create a culture of psychological safety and inclusion to keep teams feeling valued, motivated and energised. With lots of exercises to practise regularly, this book will help you make lasting positive, transformational change.

The Leader’s Guide to Wellbeing completes Dr Tang’s ‘head–heart–gut’ series of books (see also The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness and The Leader’s Guide to Resilience) and supports wellbeing as a core function of leadership. It offers the leader – and their teams – a clear understanding of what wellbeing is, as well as practical ways to create a culture of wellbeing within the organisation and the individual.


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