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June 20 2017

Engaging with our #BestBookBloggers via social media can be a great way to get book reviews and boost your book PR campaign

Getting positive reviews for your book can play an important role in its overall commercial success. Reviews not only broaden your potential audience through increased publicity, but people also value the opinions of reviewers they trust, so a glowing review can act as the powerful endorsement that convinces people to give your book a try for themselves. Social media now means you can reach out to book reviewers all over the world. To help authors, we’ve pulled together 30 of the best fiction and non-fiction book reviewers on Twitter. The list in no particular order and ranges from high profile national publications to small but very committed bloggers and influencers. Take a look through the list and see which reviewers you think might like your book. Or, if you are a book reviewer yourself, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to add you and keep growing our list: 1. @rosieamber1 – Rosie reviews nearly all the books that she reads on her WordPress blog, Facebook and Twitter. She also does 90 second YouTube book reviews and monthly book review pages for Fleet Life magazine. 2. @ShelleyWilson72 – Shelley is an avid reader and a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team (#RBRT) that is well-known for its successful and insightful reviews. 3. @bookanista – This is a literary site that is packed with interviews, short stories, reviews & features for readers to browse and enjoy. 4. @annebonnybook – Abby reads and reviews novels of multiple genres with all her reviews being her honest opinion, accurate and relevant to the novel itself. 5. @UnlikelyBookWrm – Lucy is a long-standing bookworm with a passion for literature. She does weekly book reviews from her home in Australia. 6. @fabbookfiend – This Twitter page is dedicated to reviewing books on both YouTube and a blog in which numerous genres and authors are explored and discussed. 7. @BytheBookReview – Reviewing young adult and adult books, this page aims to share the love of reading with everyone whilst also accepting requests for book reviews. 8. @ReviewCafe – Focusing on mystery, crime and psychological thrillers, Lorraine does author interviews and was awarded the Top 100 Book Blogs by Feedspot. 9. @BookReview_D – This page consists of a free list of book review bloggers to help authors and books gain exposure and publicity. 10. @guardianreview – This is The Guardian’s twitter page for book news, reviews, essays, short stories and author interviews for readers to enjoy and explore. 11. @AuthorReviews – On this page, books can be posted for free and then authors are interviewed to help consumers and industry influencers discover books they never find. 12. @lindasbook – Linda began reviewing books as a way of keeping track of her yearly readings and to share recommendations of new, undiscovered books for people to enjoy. 13. @JanesBookReview – As an avid reader, Jane likes to review books and is an aspiring author. 14. @bookriot – This page has a diverse range of contributors that share insightful reviews, essays and reflections on books, as well as doing podcasts for audiences too. 15. @TheBookMaven – Bethanne is a writer, author and journalist that is committed to sharing and writing about books. She also founded the twitter hashtag #FridayReads that attracts readers around the world. 16. @bookforum – This page gives intellectual reviews on books that are not typically covered in other journals or magazines, bringing readers attention to a wider range of books within the literary community. 17. @bookpage – As well as doing book reviews, this page also provides suggestions for adults, such as what books would interest their children in order to encourage the younger generations to read more. 18. @HuffPostBooks – This page focuses on arts, books, and culture. It shares interesting reads and interviews with authors to help stimulate their readers and challenge perceptions on certain contemporary topics. 19. @The_Millions – A main feature of this page is its ‘eBook find of the day’ which brings new material to readers and followers, whilst increasing readers interest in undiscovered books. 20. @SlateBooks – These book reviews make readers think in depth about the books people are engaging with and the creative process that accompanies it. 21. @amazonbooks – As one of the biggest book stores in the world, Amazon Books provides readers with lists of recommendations, reviews and stories about literature that will appeal to everyone. 22. @SciMagBooks – This page has a blog in which it shares free reviews and seasonal collections about everything to do with science that will interest those dedicated to that field of work and literature. 23. @KathrynSvendson – Kathryn reviews books that are about to be published or have recently been published. Through this, it gives authors and their books a wider audience and greater publicity to help increase sales. 24. @GoreLenore – Focusing on young adult books, this page and its reviews gives teenagers and adolescents an insight in to what books would interest them and their reading preferences. 25. @ForAvidReaders – This review page finds books for women of all ages, as well as giving authors the opportunity to have their book reviewed and promoted. It looks at best sellers and genres that women would find most enticing. 26. @ThatBookThing – Creating powerful and engaging book reviews, this Twitter page helps new and established authors promote their works and connect with their reader audience. 27. @hbbookblog – Beth’s favorite genres are young adult, new adult, contemporary, romance, paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy. This page would be extremely suited to young adults and she does book reviews on a diverse novels and authors. 28. @mud_and_stars – Jess is in the process of writing a young adult novel but also blogs about relevant and modern authors who have been hugely successful in recent years and would be well-known by many readers. 29. @yvonnembee – Enjoying non-fiction books, the creator of this page reviews a huge range of literary works that readers would find insightful and enlightening. 30. @halcyonbookdays – Whilst attempting to read the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels, this book reviewer runs a blog and informally discusses their opinions and thoughts about a wide variety of books, ranging from classic literature to modern day creations. 31. @kaishajayneh - Owning an award winning blog, Kashia insightfully reviews a diverse range of books with them being categorised so readers can focus their search specifically to the genres they are interested in reading. 32. @biblioklept – This twitter page reviews a variety of books in a sophisticated manner whilst also posting short stories, poems, essays and excerpts from authors that are established or undiscovered. 33. @BibliophileBC – Awarded the Best Book Review Blog, Kate does Q&As with numerous authors. This, as well as her reviews, allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of the novel and the authors thought process. 34. @sarahhardy681 – Sarah began reviewing books to share her love of reading with others. Her reviews focus on characters along with the story plot, giving an in-depth analysis in to all aspect of the novel in question. 35. @jocatrobertson – Reviewing mainly crime, psychological thrillers and women’s fiction, Jo is one of Amazon’s Top 500 Reviewers and her chatty reviews are exciting and persuasive. 36. @callejajos – This Twitter page is very specific about the books that are reviewed, making Joseph’s reviews that much more dynamic and engrossing. Book reviews can be requested, which for aspiring or new authors, this can be extremely useful. 37. @ChellesBookRevi – Michelle is also willing to review any books at your request and her friendly writing style is perfect for those who want to read honest and engaging opinions. 38. @nholten40 – Focusing on crime and psychological thrillers, Noelle reviews for Caffeine Nights Publishing Crime Club and Carina Crime Club. Awarded the Best Newcomer Blog Award in 2016, her reviews are lengthy and enlightening with a comedic effect. 39. @BCBandmore – This Twitter page included guest reviewers that gives others the opportunity to begin writing their own reviews. It has helpful reviews that readers can use to determine whether they should read that book and it also has a coming soon section in which new books can gain publicity and an audience. 40. @swirlandthread – Mairead provides Q&As and guest posts with numerous authors and her reviews are extremely thorough, with all aspects of the novels covered in great dept. This allows readers to make an accurate first impression about the book that is being reviewed. 41. @cleo_bannister – This Twitter page and reviewer has a variety of choice in her blog associated with reading. Annually, a list of the Top 10 Books Published and 20 Books of Summer are released, with Cleo reviewing them as she reads. 42. @JenMedBkReviews – separating her book reviews in to categories, this book review page is easy to navigate and filled with exciting updates such as Around the UK in 144 Books. Jen’s reviews can be lengthy, but they are always gripping and insightful. 43. @Choconwaffles – Donna’s passion for reading is evident in her book reviews which are extensive and detailed. She discusses all things literature and has been listed on the Book Blogger List. 44. @BookaholicDee – Nominated for Best Newcomer in 2017, Dee provides readers with concise but comprehensive reviews that have a personal element to them. 45. @BooksOfAllKinds – This page is willing to review books on request and is there to help readers decide on their next reading venture. Additionally, author biographies are included at the end of reviews to give readers an insight into the person behind the book. 46. @ShortBookScribe – Nicola’s reviews are short and to-the-point which makes them great for readers that want quick opinions and guidance. 47. @messy_tony – Looking at books associated with particular prestigious awards, Tony provides sophisticated and enlightening reviews with Q&A sections for readers to enjoy. 48. @TerryTyler4 – Terry is a writer and sometimes reviews as part of Rosie Ambers Book Review Team. She reviews a hugely diverse range of books that allows readers to find undiscovered talent they were not aware of before. 49. @Bbrilliantbooks – Abbie loves to discover new authors and won the Best Newcomer in 2017’s Annual Blogger’s Bash awards. This Twitter page was established to help authors gain recognition and to connect with other reader enthusiasts. 50. @IFINDOUBTREAD – Willing to review any genre of book, these reviews are honest and well thought out, with a chatty element that encourages readers to look at the other reviews available. 51. @ThBookWhisperer – Reviewing across genres, this Twitter page does honest and detailed reviews that reflects the personal element of reading and forming opinions as stories develop. 52. @Wetdarkandwild – Contributing regular features on historical fiction to the Sunday Express, this Twitter page creates interesting reviews that are varied, intriguing and enjoyable. 53. @DrewComps – Ali reviews a diverse range of books that helps lesser known authors gain some publicity in a relaxed and friendly manner. This page has a personal element and feel to it which clearly demonstrates her love for literature. 54. @baattyabtbooks – This Twitter page is dedicated to reading and promoting works of literature. Including author Q&As, reviews and discussions, this page provides concise and honest reviews that readers can rely on. 55. @GrantRintoul - This page incorporates quotes in to its reviews which adds to its sophistication and professionalism. It reviews books that are not typically known about, bringing readers attention to undiscovered books they may enjoy. 56. @JacquiWine – Jacqui primarily uses her page as a platform to promote discussion about literature and her thoughts. This page also uses quotes in its reviews, which encourages debate and conversation about aspects of the books in question. 57. @slightlybookist – Book reviews from this page have appeared in the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the TLS, the Guardian and the Literary Review of Canada. These concise yet detailed reviews are insightful, enjoyable and interesting to read. 58. @TheUntranslated – This page promotes literature and brings attention to the significant literary works that are not yet translated into English. These are unique reviews as they are specific to works that many would not know about, but would be interested in. 59. @Frizbot – This page reviews books written by women (old and new, literary and commercial, fiction and non-fiction). It features a YouTube channel in which women writers are interviewed too. 60. @bellezzamjs – Reviewing translated and literary fiction, this page does in-depth reviews using quotes from the texts to analyse and determine deeper meanings. 61. @magistrabeck – Melissa enjoys reading literature in translation, classics, historical fiction, history, travel writing and poetry. She likes to support small press and indie authors, as well as aiming to help authors connect with readers through interviews and guest posts. 62. @roughghosts – This review page is incredibly detailed and sophisticated, with certain topics and themes being explored at length. 63. @damppebbles – Emma includes book blurbs in her reviews, providing readers with a deeper understanding as to what the book is about. These reviews are written in an informal, friendly style that makes readers enjoy reading her thoughts and opinions. 64. @hayleysbookblog – Hayley started reviewing books as a platform to share her thoughts and interests. Her insightful thoughts and connection with the characters makes her reviews interesting and personal. 65. @storywhispers – The creator of this page reviewed books on Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones for years but after months of working alone, Whispering Stories enlisted a team that provide engaging reviews for people to enjoy. 66. @Ronnie_Turner – As an author, Ronnie enjoys all genres of books and created this page to give a voice to what she has learned and discovered about them. 67. @bellapacebooks – This page aims to advocate and nurture the reading culture beyond the classroom to connect the reading community through promoting books and sharing ideas. 68. @annecater – Willing to review and read any type of work, Anne provides readers with detailed, personal opinions that creates enlightening reviews to help readers decide what book to embark on next. 69. @novelgossip1 – Amy’s passion for reading is evident in her enthusiasm to review and discuss books from her past or an upcoming new release from one of her favorite authors. 70. @Bookblogger1125 – This twitter page reviews and promotes all genres of books to help aspiring authors gain recognition and a wider audience. 71. @JessHeartsBooks – Jess creates lengthy reviews that cover all possible aspects of the book to ensure readers are given a full account of her thoughts and ideas. This helps readers to have a deeper understanding of the book to determine if it would suit them. 72. @LozzaBookCorner – Laura provides readers with Q&As and guest posts, as well as reviews that sparks readers interest until the end. She explores books in just enough depth, without giving away any major plot lines so readers can discover them for themselves. 73. @mollymgould – Reviewing books that are not well-known in the mainstream media, this page helps divert readers attention to undiscovered books, as well as having a comedic aspect to it through the inclusion of recipes and quotes. 74. @unboundpages – Whilst also doing book reviews, this page is dedicated to helping bloggers by providing tips and advice on how to create a successful blog that engages with readers and authors. 75. @DeeCee334 – Dee-Cee has a passion for literature and is willing to review books on request. Her reviews have a personal element to them making readers feel engaged and interested throughout. 76. @gaskella – With friends, Annabel launched Shiny New Books, an online quarterly book recommendation magazine featuring varied book reviews. Her reviews are insightful and inspiring for readers who are unsure about what to read next. 77. @susanhampson57 – Reviewing a diverse range of books and genres, this page doesn’t limit itself to particular styles and provides engaging reviews on a variety of books that would appeal to everyone. 78. @Lindahill50Hill – Nominated for the Best Book Review Blog in 2017, Linda’s reviews are sophisticated yet friendly and includes many lesser-known authors. 79. @grabthisbook – Bringing attention to many undiscovered books, this page aims to share with readers books that are worth reading through their enthusiastic reviews. 80. @Karendennise – As well as including varied reviews, this page includes competitions and events for readers to participate in and be aware of. 81. @AmyBooksy – Reading around 30 books a month, Amy provides concise reviews about her thoughts in a friendly writing style. 82. @bookkaz – These reviews are friendly and chatty, with sections like the Top Ten out of the 100 favourite reads of the year so far. This encourages readers to look at these books and the reviews to find out why they have been chosen as the best. 83. @MegsTyas – Meggan is willing to review works by any authors, both established or aspiring. She creates in-depth, insightful reviews that demonstrate a clear connection to every work she reads. 84. @bookalicious65 – This review page likes to place emphasis on books by unknown or new authors. It tries to encourage people to broaden their reading minds and not stick to the same authors that are already well-known. 85. @Bluebookballoon – The creator of this page enjoys a range of genres, including non-fiction. Author Q&As and concise reviews mean readers can quickly determine whether a book is to their liking. 86. @Lindzy92 – As a 24 year old student doing a publishing Masters, Lindsey explores not only the plot, but the characters too. This means all her reviews are well-rounded and detailed. 87. @andreas_nirvana – Andrea’s favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, realistic fiction, drama. Her book reviews are split into sections: writing, characters, quotes and general/rating. These help readers navigate and focus the review to the part they want and is an innovative structure idea that works extremely well. 88. @thisnortherngal – Kelly writes in an energetic way that holds readers attention until the end. Her reviews are interesting and vague in regards to the plot, so hardly any spoilers for those who wish to avoid knowing too much story line information. 89. @RebeccaPAuthor – After a review, this page includes books that readers may also enjoy. This helps readers broaden their reading preferences, whilst also drawing attention to novels that readers may be unaware of but would enjoy. 90. @jennymarston_xo – Jenny started her own book touring business last year so she could help authors promote their books, help them gain reviews and introduce bloggers to new books. Jenny still reviews books but also does lifestyle blogging too. 91. @Beadyjan – This page explores books in detail and writes about them in a chatty, informal way that would appeal to all readers that want to discover new books and authors. 92. @TheMiddleShelf1 – This Twitter page doesn’t include spoilers in their reviews, making it perfect for those who want to discover more information about a book, without finding out about the story line. 93. @ruminvtes – Exploring the books in-depth, this review page looks at underlying messages, themes and descriptions to provide short but packed reviews that leave nothing out. 94. @natysbookshelf – Reviewing both fiction and non-fiction, these reviews are easy to follow and provide substantial information and honest opinions about all aspects of the book. 95. @brunettegirl27 – This Twitter page are honest thoughts about books they both hated and loved. The honesty in the writing means readers trust the verdict and can rely on this page for the truth about novels. 96. @BookMoodReviews – This page does lengthy reviews that are filled with plot lines, characters and interesting chapters that will entice all readers to read the suggested books. 97. @BreenysBooks – Breeny posts new content every Monday and Thursday, ensuring that readers consistently have new reviews and posts to read. The reviews are engaging and have a personal element to them. 98. @LadySabriel – Writing sophisticated reviews, this Twitter page looks at a diverse range of books and genres that would interest a wide audience of readers. 99. @beccacahill – Whilst not specifically about book reviews, this page is about the creators experience of being published, writing tips for aspiring authors, day-to-day life and other posts regarding young adult works. 100. @BooksandChinook – All of the reviews are short but still provide readers with opinions and thoughts about the books that don’t reveal too much of the plot. 101. @CelesteMcCreesh – Celeste is on the review panel for Poolbeg,, Netgalley & Bookbridgr. Her reviews are engaging and detailed, with the occasional Q&A. 102. @book_problem – Julie has challenged herself not to buy any new books for 2017, and so all reviews are on books she already owns and no new publications. This opens readers minds to undiscovered authors and books they may not have heard of. 103. @SunnyBuzzyBooks – These reviews are split into what the reviewer liked, didn’t like, other thoughts and favourite quotes. This format is easy for readers to navigate and engage with. 104. @JuliaThumWrites – Reviewing a hugely diverse range of books, these reviews are short and to the point so readers can quickly decide if the book is to their liking. 105. @CheekyNatives – This page does podcasts primarily focused on reviewing books, but this is also interspersed by posts about other types of art performance. 106. @bookworm_mouse – These reviews are entertaining to read and covers all aspects of the novels in question to provide readers with honest opinions and thoughts. 107. @word_scribbler – This page offers readers a short introduction to the novel and a concise review that addresses all the relevant occurrences in the novel that are of interest. 108. @kirsty_monday – Although a lifestyle blog, Kirsty also looks at things to do with literature, such as her recent readings and 7 books to read in your life. These include brief overviews of books she has read and her thoughts about them. 109. @dan_stubbings – Daniel includes book recommendations and book reviews that explore the positive and negatives of the works, providing readers with a complete analysis. 110. @fictionophile – For Lynne, book reviews allow her to connect with other book enthusiasts and other book bloggers around the world. These reviews are sophisticated and engaging. 111. @Williams13Anne – Anne doesn’t only do lengthy reviews, but authors Q&As and giveaways too. This makes her page interesting to readers and celebrates all things literature. 112. @Sarah_Swan2 – Sarah’s reviews have a personal quality to them, making them much more engaging and insightful. She includes the book blurbs and related posts too so readers have additional information. 113. @havebooksblog – Clair’s favourite genres are crime, mystery, thriller, chick-lit and contemporary fiction. Her reviews are balanced, honest and subjective which means readers can trust her opinion to help them decide what book is worth reading. 114. @HBReviews – This Twitter page is happy to review books, take part in cover reveals, blog tours and they also offer Q&A slots to any authors that would like to promote their work. These reviews are extremely in-depth, with a friendly writing style. 115. @Vicki_CosyBooks – This page does author interviews and guest posts, as well as reviews. These reviews are lengthy, with an honest opinion being provided. 116. @BooknessLane – Nominated for the Best Book Review Blog in 2017, Wendy writes engaging reviews that look at both the positives and the negatives of the novel. 117. @CathyRy – This page includes features like audio challenges, favourite opening lines and my Friday books shares. This diverse range of pages entices readers and her reviews are interesting to read with the inclusion of quotes. 118. @JillsBookCafe – This Twitter page does a section called Meet the Author and the reviews are engaging to readers due to their chatty, informal writing style. 119. @TheQuietKnitter – Their desire to share their love of a good book with others means the creator of this page writes with a personal element. This conveys a real connection to the literature that is being reviewed which makes them that much more honest and detailed. 120. @bookslayerReads – This Twitter page reviews well-known, established authors in a fun way that all readers would enjoy. The reviews include quotes from the texts and has some writing in bold to emphasise certain points. 121. @thebookmagnet – Reviewing books that are either published or about to be published, this page gives authors a way to promote their work and gain a wider audience through reviews. 122. @mybizbookclub – This page gives readers a list of the top ten business books every month, calculated through looking at the most read, highest rated, and recently tagged books on online book platforms. Jennifer also includes thoughtful author interviews that really get into the insights of the book, as well as book reviews for business people to find recommendations. 123. @CreatedToRead – Rachel uses her blog and reviews to help readers decide which book they should try next. She hopes to engage in discussions with other book enthusiasts, whilst encouraging people to attend literary events and participate in writing themselves. 124. @bookpage5 – A great selection of fiction reviews for every taste! 

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