Alicia Eaton

The Kids and Teens Therapist

Introducing Alicia Eaton- ‘The Kids and Teens Therapist’

Alicia Eaton has been helping families with their children’s mental health challenges from her Harley Street clinic for 20 years.

A qualified psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, she originally trained as a Montessori Teacher running her own school for 5 years. She also trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with Paul McKenna and assisted him with his renowned changework seminars for over seven years.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, she’s become known for her unique blend of psychology and practical parenting advice. She has a particular interest in helping children and teenagers overcome anxiety issues and change unwanted habits and behaviours.

Alicia is also the author of four books: most notably ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days’ has been a best-seller since 2009 and her unique behaviour change programme is recommended by NHS hospitals in the UK, as well as doctors and paediatricians all around the world. She is now recognised as one of the leading experts for solving bedwetting issues in children and teenagers and recently created a new online programme for this older age group.

She is keen to highlight the hidden, little spoken about problem of teenage bedwetting that is all too common but never mentioned. Too many teens suffer from depression and struggles with mental health, as a result.

Alicia was also winner of the Most Innovative Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner at the 2023 Global Health & Pharma Mental Health Awards.

More about Alicia’s books

Her latest book ‘First Aid for your Child’s Mind’ is a must-have manual for all parents needing advice and strategies for managing their children’s emotional development and the challenges of modern-day living.

This book has now become a best-seller with foreign rights sold to publishers in Germany, Greece, Hungary, UAE, Vietnam and China (both Simplified and Traditional characters).

Words That Work: How to Get Kids to Do Almost Anything is Alicia’s psychology-based parenting book that explains how to solve common family problems using just a little bit of conversational hypnosis. Readers will learn how to use ‘the language of persuasion and influence’ as well as which words work and which ones to avoid at all costs.

For further information or to arrange an interview or guest contribution with Alicia Eaton, please contact:
Jessica Haycox
+44 (0)1497 288 018

At A Glance

  • Award-winning, Harley-Street based psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with over 20 years’ experience.
  • Specialises in child and teenage emotional wellbeing, anxiety issues and behaviour change.
  • Leading expert for solving bedwetting problems and recommended by NHS clinics, doctors and paediatricians all around the world.
  • Best-selling author, whose books are known for their unique blend of psychology and practical parenting advice.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Alicia is available for expert comment, interview and to write by-lined articles on a range of different topics, including:
  • General anxiety, fears and worries
  • Behaviour change and unwanted habits, including bedwetting
  • Health anxiety: germs, illnesses, emetophobia, dentists
  • School issues such as avoidance and bullying
  • Educational problems: exam stress, concentration, ADHD
  • Specific fears or phobias such as fear of flying, dogs, needles
  • Lack of confidence: performance anxiety, stage fright, interviews
  • Sleep issues: fear of the dark, insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking
  • Food issues: fussy eating, food phobias, junk food cravings

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