Lorena Bernal

Certified life coach, spiritual life coach and founder of Live Love Better

Introducing Lorena Bernal: life coach, mindfulness expert, and founder of Live Love Better.

Lorena Bernal’s multifaceted career as a model, actress, life coach, entrepreneur, and mother has given her a unique perspective on what it means to find happiness and purpose.

Born in Argentina before moving to Spain as a young child, Lorena began modelling at the age of seven and took her first acting class aged 11. She was crowned Miss Spain in 1999 before competing in Miss World and built a successful entertainment career which took her to Hollywood, appearing on screens as an actress and TV host across Spain and the US.

As a public figure, Lorena has leveraged her platform to share a message of compassion and living with purpose – which she carries through into her work as a life coach and spiritual coach, supporting individuals through the transformative process of achieving their goals and becoming their authentic selves.

Lorena currently resides between the United States, Spain, and the UK where she continues the development of her career and shares her life with her three sons and her husband, professional football manager Mikel Arteta.


Combining practical techniques with spiritual practices, Lorena’s unique approach to coaching empowers her clients to tap into their inner wisdom and build a more fulfilling, enriching way of life. She offers a new perspective for achieving personal growth, and has extensively studied parenting, children, and adolescent therapies, as well as qualifying as a mindfulness practitioner.

Drawing on her personal and professional experience, Lorena also offers support for celebrities and their families on navigating the pressures of life in the public eye, as well as corporate coaching for organisations wanting to enhance the personal growth and mental health of their leaders and employees.

About The Business

Live Love Better

Live Love Better is a platform dedicated to helping you live your best life. From mindfulness and meditation to communication and cultivating gratitude, their events take a deeper dive into the practical tools needed to heal, grow, and thrive as a person, parent, and partner.

Retreats provide the space to connect with your true self, whilst conferences deliver access to leading experts on topics ranging from parenting and family dynamics to relationships and self-care. Informal tea talks also offer attendees the opportunity to connect with others who may be facing similar challenges and learn from one another. Additionally, she runs a school intervention programme that promotes purpose and prioritises the wellbeing of students, families, and educators.

For further information or to set up an interview or feature with Lorena, please contact:

Jessica Haycox
+44 (0)1497 288 018

At A Glance

  • Certified life coach, spiritual life coach and mindfulness practitioner, who specialises in helping individuals build a more fulfilling, authentic life.
  • Founder of Live Love Better, an events and coaching platform dedicated to personal transformation and spiritual growth.
  • Actress, model, and TV host, with a career spanning across Spain, the UK, and the US.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Lorena is available for interviews, by-lined articles and guest commentary on topics including:
  • An empowering guide to living and loving better.
  • Why living authentically builds our resilience.
  • What’s at your core? Strategies to find the light that guides you.
  • Mothering and the self: why prioritising you helps you better look after your kids.
  • Managing the pressures of success: should you leave your professional identity at the door?
  • How to unlearn limiting beliefs and patterns that could be holding you back.
  • Why we should try to love every day – no matter how hard it’s been.
  • How to embrace positivity and silence your self-critic.
  • What a celebrity life coach can teach you about aligning your purpose and your career path.

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