Leanne Maskell

Helping you to work WITH your ADHD brain, not AGAINST it

Introducing Leanne Maskell – former Vogue model, ADHD activist and bestselling author of ADHD: An A to Z

Leanne Maskell was diagnosed with ADHD at 25. But the road was far from easy – she was accused of cheating at school for getting all A’s, told by doctors she was ‘fine’ because she had a law degree, suffered from severe depression and anorexia throughout her modelling career and survived severe suicidal ideation.

Now a qualified ADHD coach and activist, Leanne is on a mission to challenge the stigma surrounding ADHD – having delivered talks to the World Health Organisation on improving global access to diagnosis and support for those with ADHD.

She founded ADHD Works, providing coaching, training and retreats for individuals and organisations – with clients like Microsoft, Yahoo and Paperchase – for ADHD-ers to understand and be empowered by their ADHD, and for companies to support and harness neurodivergence in the workplace.

Leanne has distilled her lived experience with ADHD – both personally and professionally through her work on mental health and disability legislation for COVID and Brexit laws – into her new book, ADHD: An A to Z.

NEW BOOK – ADHD: An A to Z: Figuring it Out Step by Step

This book is the ultimate guide to survive – and thrive – with ADHD. From diagnosis and medication to organisation and sleep, rejection sensitive dysphoria, finances and time management, Leanne provides practical and accessible advice, activities and support to help people work with their ADHD brain, instead of against it.

ADHD: An A to Z is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Hachette) and available in paperback, priced at £12.99.

The Model Manifesto

As a former model for the likes of Vogue, ASOS, London Fashion Week and i-D Magazine, Leanne is also the author of The Model Manifesto – an A-Z anti-exploitation manual for the fashion industry, exposing the sexual, financial and emotional abuse models experience and revealing insider advice on how women and girls can navigate the harsh realities of the modelling world.

The Reality Manifesto

No stranger to the dark side of the media spotlight, Leanne wrote The Reality Manifesto – exposing the ugly truth of social media’s cause of negative mental health, body image issues and exploitation. Having presented on this issue to No.10 and DCMS, Leanne created this timely, much needed guide on how to use social media without losing yourself, your time, or your self-worth.

Author of ADHD - An A to Z: Figuring It Out Step-by-Step

Navigating the world with an ADHD brain can be exhausting. The rollercoaster ride from clinical assessments through diagnosis to treatment can leave you feeling anxious and isolated, worried about failing or feeling different.

This handy guide is here to change all that. If you have (or suspect you have) ADHD, you'll know the frustration of being given neurotypical or clinical advice - but this is straight from an ADHD brain to you.

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At A Glance

  • Videos with #ADHD on TikTok have over 11bn views – awareness about ADHD is on the rise, but so is social media misinformation and exploitation
  • Former Vogue model and actress – starting her career at 13, Leanne has modelled for the likes of Vogue, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, i-D Magazine and London Fashion Week
  • ADHD coach, activist and founder of ADHD Works – from individuals to global companies, Leanne trains others on how to live and thrive with ADHD, working with the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo and Paperchase
  • Leanne has delivered talks to the directors of the World Health Organisation on improving global access to support for people with ADHD
  • Former legal policy advisor for The Law Society – Leanne worked on immigration, mental health and disability legislation, from Coronavirus to Brexit laws
  • Author of The Model Manifesto – an A-Z anti-exploitation manual for the fashion industry, exposing the sexual, financial and emotional abuse models experience and revealing insider advice on how women and girls can tackle this
  • Author of new book ADHD: An A to Z (Hachette)– diagnosed at 25 after surviving suicidal ideation, Leanne has distilled her lived experience into this ultimate guide to help others navigate their own ADHD journey – from diagnosis to finances, employment to medication and mental health.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Leanne Maskell is an experienced, passionate speaker who is available to provide expert comment, interviews and by-lined articles on topic including:
  • How does ADHD effect women differently?
  • 11 golden rules for financial stability if you have ADHD
  • Busting ADHD Myths: 5 damaging stigmas we need to tackle
  • Why the Government should regulate addictive features on social media
  • ADHD-friendly organization hacks to make your work-life easier
  • ADHD & Gaslighting: Maybe It’s Not Your Fault
  • 5 ways your ADHD can boost your career success
  • How leaders can spot – and support – ADHD in the workplace
  • The suicide risk is 5 times higher in people with ADHD - here’s why
  • ADHD and Mental Health: Warning signs someone is struggling and how you can help
  • What is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria?

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