Olga Valadon

Business Strategist, Leadership Mentor, and Corporate Empathy Expert

Introducing Olga Valadon the go-to expert in empathy-driven business success, on a mission to bring emotional intelligence into the corporate world to nurture collaborative, creative and inclusive workplaces.

With nearly 30 years of corporate experience – from team development, strategy planning and change management at financial services firms like BNYM and Invesco, to Chief of Staff at one of the top 4 global professional services firms – Olga helps leaders and teams develop growth mindsets and create emotional cultures that seamlessly support and drive business goals.

Olga is on the board of the University of Cambridge Primary School and Board advisor for Equal Employer®. She also volunteers with educational, civil rights & social action, and women’s empowerment organisations – including The Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturing, and Commerce (The RSA) , Blueprint for All, and the Female Factor.

Change Aligned® – Putting the “Human” Back into Business

As the Founder of leadership, strategy and culture consultancy Change Aligned®, Olga helps leaders to embed emotional intelligence into the foundations of their business as a catalyst for growth.

She guides businesses through every step of their transformation journey – helping leaders and teams to overcome complex challenges such as strategy pivots, culture change, team building, and inclusive leadership pipeline development.

Through traditional and creative frameworks and tools – including gamified techniques like the Emotional Culture Deck and the Lego® Serious Play® methodology – Olga supports leaders and teams to address their business challenges with clarity and focus, while also fostering psychologically safe cultures where every individual feels truly valued, heard and understood.

Olga also provides mentoring and coaching for aspiring and established leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals going through career transitions.

At A Glance

  • Olga Valadon is an expert in workplace empathy – the most desired leadership skill according to a new 2023 EY survey
  • Olga is the founder of leadership, strategy and culture consultancy Change Aligned® – helping leaders and teams embed emotional intelligence into the foundations of their business as a catalyst for growth
  • Olga has nearly 3 decades of corporate experience – driving business change and working with top leaders and multicultural teams, including at financial services firms like BNYM and Invesco
  • Chief of Staff at one of the top 4 global professional services firms
  • Teaches at Deloitte University and BPP University -–developing and nurturing the next generation of human-centered leaders

Ready To Speak To The Media

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  • How HR can encourage healthier – and more productive – disagreements in teams
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  • Work AND Play: Why a gamified approach is the key to a thriving culture
  • How to harness your emotions at work – for personal AND professional growth
  • Why ‘letting go’ is THE business strategy: 5 tips to let go of what’s not working
  • Do you encourage workplace accountability? Here are the basics to get right
  • Job crafting: How to personalise work to align with your strengths, values and interests
  • 5 Non-Negotiables for leaders to give feedback that inspires growth

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