Neil Jurd

Leadership Development Expert: From Sandhurst to the NHS and Beyond

“Leaders achieve things far beyond what they could do alone, by engaging others intellectually and emotionally in pursuit of a clear and compelling purpose.” - Neil Jurd, OBE Introducing Neil Jurd – one of the UK’s top leadership development experts

Neil Jurd is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in leadership development. Throughout his career, Neil has served as an officer in the British Army, where he led missions in Iraq, Yemen, Bosnia and Sierra Leone, and even received a commendation for his leadership as a junior officer. In addition to serving on the front lines, Neil has led expeditions around the world, taught leadership at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and sat on the Army Officer Selection Board.

After leaving the military in 2009, Neil has continued to make a name for himself in the leadership development field. He has worked with some of the most respected organizations in the UK, including the NHS, the Leadership Trust and the Commonwealth Games Team Scotland. Neil’s work led him to found Leader Connect, an online platform that offers cutting-edge leadership courses to individuals looking to develop essential skills.

In 2020 Neil was awarded a British Citizen Award and in 2021, he was appointed OBE in the New Year Honours List. Neil is currently serving as the National Director of Initial Officer Training for the Army Cadet Force. He holds an MA from Cranfield University, studied Strategy at Manchester Business School, is a Fellow of both the Institute of Leadership and Management, and the Institute of Logistics and Transport.

About The Business

Founder of Training Platform Leader Connect

Leader Connect is an innovative online training platform that offers a subscription service for both individuals and organisations looking to improve leadership skills on their own schedule. The platform provides a wide range of leadership training videos that are designed to be engaging, entertaining, and highly effective. The training covers a variety of topics related to leadership, including communication, team building and more.

In addition to the online video training, Leader Connect also offers in-person training sessions led by expert instructors. These sessions provide an opportunity for users to ask questions and receive guidance as they put their new skills into practice.

One of the unique aspects of Leader Connect is its focus on continuous professional and personal development for leaders and high-performing teams. The platform has years of experience in developing leaders and has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people become better leaders.

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At A Glance

  • Leadership and management training is the primary focus area for nearly half (49%) of L&D teams globally* – Neil shows anyone can become an effective leader with the right training.
  • Neil Jurd is one of the UK’s top leadership development experts – he has been awarded an OBE and the British Citizen Award. He works to develop leadership with everyone, from Leadership Trust to the NHS and schools.
  • Founder of training platform Leader Connect – which helps individuals develop leadership skills across various industries, such as business, healthcare and education.
  • Neil was a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army – he taught leadership at Sandhurst and received a commendation for his leadership as a junior officer.
  • A large majority of organizations (77%) are facing a leadership shortage – with younger employees (63% of millennials) feeling their leadership potential is not being fully nurtured.**

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Neil Jurd is available to provide expert comment, articles, and interviews on a range of subjects including:
  • Always Say Yes to a Cup of Tea – Leadership Advice to Live By
  • 5 Ways Passion and Purpose Can Fuel Your Leadership Success
  • Deconstructing The Status Barrier in Leadership
  • The Surprising Impact of Attitude on Team Culture and Performance
  • The Importance of Creating Safety for Your Team in Unpredictable Times
  • Unlocking the Connection Between Health, Lifestyle, and Well-being to Enhance Team and Individual Performance
  • The Importance of Addressing Underlying Issues for Achieving High Performance
  • Building a Culture of Trust to Improve Team Performance

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