Chris Griffiths

World-leading creativity coach, speaker and CEO

Introducing Chris Griffiths – world-leading expert on the application of innovation and Mind Mapping®

Chris Griffiths has over 28 years’ experience setting up and leading successful businesses that have ranked in the ‘Deloitte European Fast 50’ and ‘The Sunday Times Fast-track 100’. He sold his first company at the age of 26.

Chris has worked with individuals from organisations operating across the globe in a diverse range of industries, including Government, FTSE-100 and Fortune-500 companies, academic institutes and major organisations. He has coached Senior Leadership Teams in the European Commission, Parliaments, and Courts, and was invited by his Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan to facilitate a brainstorming session of Nobel Laureates at the Petra Nobel Conference.

Under Chris’ leadership OpenGenius have become world leaders in certified Mind Mapping & Innovation training courses, with 1000’s of trainers located across the globe. He is on a mission to promote innovative and entrepreneurial thinking from the grassroots up through the Inspire Genius Foundation and regular speaking events where he shares knowledge collected from a lifetime of innovative research and experience.

Author of The Creative Thinking Handbook: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

The Creative Thinking Handbook is a highly actionable guide to rediscovering creativity and developing innovative ideas in business. With the World Economic Forum listing creativity as one of the top five skills now needed in the workplace in 2025 - it’s never been so important to maximise creative potential.

The book breaks down traditional business creativity assumptions – that quickfire group brainstorming sessions are the most productive – and takes readers back to the basics of creativity, by helping professionals understand their minds by setting them up with an ‘ideation toolkit’, which gives them the skills they need to create great ideas.

About The Business

Founder and CEO of OpenGenius

Chris is the founder and CEO of OpenGenius, an organisation that deliver bespoke and accredited training courses worldwide in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation skills. With over 40 years of research and experience behind them, they are experts in creating results-driven training. In 2017, they made history by becoming the first Welsh company to join the London Stock Exchange’s accelerator programme: ELITE. Their software and training solutions are used by teams and individuals worldwide within Apple, BBC, Disney, NASA, Microsoft and more.

Through training, consulting and technology, OpenGenius are educating, motivating and facilitating practical innovation around the world. Over a million people have used their certified training and tools to improve their creativity, productivity and leadership skills.

Ayoa – work creatively with this powerful app, including Mind Mapping, Task Management, and Chat

Ayoa is a powerful new application developed by the creativity experts at OpenGenius, allowing users to create, communicate and innovate all in one place. Productivity isn’t about getting things done – it’s getting the right things done, and with Ayoa users don’t only work faster, but work on the right things by uncovering their best ideas.

Ayoa prioritises the important tasks and makes team collaboration seamless and transparent, combatting micro-management. Mind Mapping, Chat, and Task Management are combined so that Ayoa becomes the ‘swiss army knife’ of the workplace, allowing users to develop their greatest ideas and avoid the constant context-switching famed for hindering productivity.

For further information, an interview with Chris Griffiths, a guest article or a review copy of The Creative Thinking Handbook, please contact:

Jessica Jones

At A Glance

  • Creativity expert who believes creativity is an essential skill for everyone – Chris is on a mission to promote innovative thinking around the world.
  • Coach to thousands worldwide – including Fortune 500, FTSE 100 companies, the United Nations, and Nobel Laureates.
  • Founder and CEO of OpenGenius – a company that aims to educate, motivate and facilitate practical innovation.
  • The bestselling author of The Creative Thinking Handbook, Mind Maps for Business and GRASP The Solution.
  • Developer of productivity software Ayoa - an innovation tool combining Mind Mapping, Task Management, and Chat.
  • Founder of the Inspire Genius Foundation - a charity set up to inspire and motivate disadvantaged teenagers to make the most of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Chris Griffiths is a professional speaker, available to provide expert comment, articles, and interviews on a range of subjects including:
  • What your to-do list says about you – analysis by creativity experts
  • Creative culture - why brainstorming is for more than just the boardroom
  • How optimistic is your office? Tips for boosting happiness and creativity
  • Can creativity be taught? – Chris’ research shows creativity is not linked to your DNA but is in your mindset; everyone is creative, but it is a case of finding what’s hindering your creativity
  • Making the most of your free time – thinking like a child makes you more creative
  • Being creative at work: Don’t think outside the box – think without the box
  • Future-proof your business: The top 3 workplace skills to harness for 2020 and beyond
  • The order of creative thinking: 4 simple steps to deliver the 'next big thing'

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