Mimi Nicklin

Empathy, leadership and inclusive marketing expert

Introducing Mimi Nicklin – CEO at Freedm, Empathy Advocate & Bestselling Author of Softening the Edge.

Mimi Nicklin is a leading voice on the need for more empathetic and regenerative leadership in the modern workplace. She is a bestselling author and host of the ‘Empathy for Breakfast’ show. Mimi is an experienced marketer and communications specialist, keynote speaker and Founder and CEO of inclusive creative agency Freedm.

For over fifteen years, Mimi has been working across the globe with her clients to drive creative interventions that lead to business and culture change. Her approach transforms organisations from the inside out, focusing on cultural, behavioural and mindset changes.

In her current role as CEO for Freedm, Mimi’s passion for balancing humanism with capitalism extends into the strategic storytelling work and creative content she brings to her clients and their brands. Her debut book, Softening the Edge, was published in 2021.

Author of Softening The Edge: Empathy - How Humanity’s Oldest Leadership Trait Is Changing Our World

Softening the Edge is an insightful new book from millennial leader Mimi Nicklin that takes a long hard look at the impact on our lives of the worsening “empathy deficit”. Empathy levels have fallen by a staggering 40% in ten years – according to a longitudinal study by the University of Michigan, so this book is part business tool, part corporate culture guide and part social eye opener.

About The Business

Freedm – a creative agency built on empathy

Founded on the belief that we are better when we are together, Freedm is a uniquely positioned inclusive creative agency. Delivering industry-leading work, the team’s approach balances the empowerment and elevation of diverse global talent with a unique offering of flexibility and partnership to their clients. Built on the UNESCO Creative Economy for Sustainable Development Goals, the agency offers a space for divergent and varied creative minds to produce work globally, whilst offering clients access to inspiring talent they otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t connect with.

Freedm uses the power of the global knowledge economy to create exceptional storytelling, branding, and visual content for leading brands all around the world. With insight and transparency at the heart of Freedm’s creative offering, and a diverse and global workforce, the team delivers unique relationships and value to their clients and is growing incrementally month on month.

For further information or requests for interviews, comments, or articles from Mimi Nicklin, please contact:
Jessica Haycox
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At A Glance

  • Creative CEO of Freedm – a global creative agency leading the way in building empathetic and inclusive brands.
  • Bestselling author of Softening the Edge – an exploration of the impact of the empathy deficit on our work and workplaces and how we can reclaim humanity’s wellbeing through regenerative leadership.
  • Host of The Empathy for Breakfast Show podcast – a weekly dose of humanity featuring insights from global guests shared with an audience of 85,000 listeners.
  • Empathy ambassador and consultant, working to make the world of work a more conscientious, valuable, and sustainably healthy place to be.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Mimi Nicklin is a globally recognised business leader and is available for expert comment, interview and by-lined articles on empathy, leadership, and marketing, including:
  • Tackling the global empathy deficit: the impact on ourselves, our relationships, and our communities – and why this should be the greatest priority for business leaders in 2022.
  • Creating a modern workplace: how empathetic and regenerative leadership can become an organisational superpower, overcome employee burnout, and transform a sinking team to an in-sync team.
  • Regenerating leadership, repositioning growth: the ROI of implementing empathetic practices in branding, marketing, and sales to deliver better customer experiences in a data-led world.
  • Building empathetic brands: marketing and branding with purpose, and the importance of understanding human connection to form deeper audience connections.
  • Nomadic CEO life: how to build and excel in a truly global career.

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