Dominic Ashley-Timms

Best-selling author, thought leader and strategist revolutionising management performance

Introducing Dominic Ashley-Timms – Change Management Expert, Thought Leader, Author, and Creator of the ground-breaking STAR® Manager programme

Dominic is the CEO of Notion and a graduate ergonomist with an EMBA from IMD (Lausanne). After a top-tier consulting career running multimillion-dollar change programmes and training leaders in thirty-seven countries, Dominic now applies his passion for human-centred design to learning and behavioural change.

He has helped clients to improve their commercial performance with programmes that regularly generate returns many hundreds of times greater than the investment, all while delivering sustainable changes in organizational culture.

Dominic’s global career has given him deep insights into the levers of change that make the most difference. Unlike other suppliers in the development industry, he has been willing to subject Notion’s core approaches to the dispassionate and unblinking gaze of academic scrutiny.

Operational Coaching® is the future of effective and rehumanised management

The STAR® model is a simple 4-step management framework that helps leaders to adopt coaching-related behaviours to stop firefighting and start asking more powerful questions.

The UK government commissioned a large-scale study to assess the impact of STAR® and the subsequent research trial was designed and independently evaluated by London School of Economics. The study measured the impact of leaders and managers from 62 organisations across 14 sectors learning to apply the STAR® model in their day-to-day interactions over a period of 6 months.

The outcomes were remarkable, with those who followed the programme spending 70% more time using an enquiry-led, Operational Coaching® style of management leading to higher levels of organisational recruitment, improved staff retention and increased skill levels across 9 management competencies including communication skills and handling challenging conversations.

Dominic is the co-author of best-selling book The Answer Is A Question: The Missing Superpower that Changes Everything and Will Transform Your Impact as a Manager and Leader, which was shortlisted for the Business Book Award 2023.

Author of The Answer is a Question: The Easy Way to Transform Your Impact as a Leader

Ground-breaking new book, The Answer Is A Question, reveals how managers all over the world can ditch the command-and-control leadership model and adopt an enquiry-led approach that cultivates a new wave of engaged, problem-solving employees – and it starts with how we use questions in a more purposeful way.

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At A Glance

  • Co-author of bestselling book The Answer is a Question: The Missing Superpower that Changes Everything and Will Transform Your Impact as a Manager and Leader
  • The co-creator of the STAR® model and the multi-award-winning STAR® Manager development programme – the first programme in the world to certify management and leadership competence and embed an Operational Coaching® style of management
  • The co-founder and CEO of performance improvement consultancy Notion – awarded Personnel Today magazine’s Learning & Development Supplier of the Year award in 2021
  • Programme Director and Consultant to FTSE and Fortune 500 companies - including National Express, AVON and BT on embedding and sustaining coaching cultures and upskilling leaders and people managers
  • Co-author of published academic research paper that proves adopting Operational Coaching® increases skill levels across 9 management competencies including communication skills and handling challenging conversations, drives productivity and improves retention within 6-months. Research funded by the UK Government (BEIS) and evaluated by London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
  • An international Change Management Consultant with a training career that has seen Dominic working with groups of leaders and managers in 37 countries.

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Dominic has been widely published and quoted in a variety of publications including Forbes, HBR, The Times and People Management. He is available for expert comment and interview themes like:
  • Generating a measurable ROI from management development
  • Addressing poor employee engagement and productivity levels
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Managing a multi-generational workforce
  • Tackling stress and overwhelm in the workplace
  • Adapting to change
  • Why we need to rehumanize management NOW to foster more engaged and connected teams
  • Why Operational Coaching® will transform productivity
  • How management needs to change… and why it is urgent
  • 3 key skills managers need to navigate rapid change with their teams
  • How to identify coachable moments with your employees
  • Why asking better questions will be vital in the AI-driven world
  • Stop Micromanaging - it’s making everyone unproductive and unhappy
  • How to develop your compassionate communication with staff

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