Lianna Champ

Bereavement expert and grief councellor

Introducing Lianna Champ, engaging speaker, author and bereavement expert with over 40 years’ experience in funeral care and grief counselling

From the age of nine Lianna Champ knew she was going to be an undertaker. Her mum hoped it was just a phase so arranged for a visit to a local funeral home to put her off. It didn’t, and Lianna was even more certain that this was the career for her. At the age of eighteen Lianna became the youngest qualified female funeral director and embalmer in the UK. Now managing director of her own funeral company, Champ Funeral Services, Lianna has helped thousands of people who have been bereaved or are suffering with unresolved grief. Instead of providing a purely practical solution to death and funerals, Lianna has created a holistic experience that aims to ease the pain of losing someone and help the grieving process.

Successful Author

Approximately 600,000 people die in the UK every year. Young, old, unexpected or after a long illness, each death leaves behind family and friends to grieve and cope with the loss. As much a part of life as birth, we give far less attention to dealing with the impact of death.

Distilling her years of experience into the ultimate guidebook to help people understand their grief and how to navigate this difficult time, How to Grieve like a Champ is written to be comforting and practical. Lianna is passionate about improving our relationship with death, dying and loss, teaching us that if we live well, we can die well.

For further information, an interview with Lianna Champ or a guest article, please contact: Rhian Pearson e: t: 01497 288018

At A Glance

  • Media-friendly bereavement expert and speaker on the subject of grief, loss and death
  • 40 years’ experience in funeral care and bereavement counselling
  • Author of How to grieve like a Champ, published by RedDoor
  • Founder of award-winning company Champ Funeral Services

Ready To Speak To The Media

  • Why we need to talk about death
  • Living with survivor’s guilt
  • 5 tips for coping with grief during the festive season
  • How to talk to children about death
  • Coping with the death of a parent
  • Facing life after losing a child
  • Don’t ‘man up’ – it’s good to talk
  • Why losing a pet can be harder than losing a relative
  • New chapter: how to grieve the end of a relationship
  • Why retirement can feel like a death

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